We’re Narrative Dynamics

We make indie rpgs.

Michael is a teacher in MA Public Schools. His games include FONT and Goblinville. He plays a lot of board games and has three cats.

Eric is an artist in central NY. His games include Pencils & Polyhedra and Goblinville. He makes a lot of music and has one dog.

Goblinville Gazette

Goblinville is an rpg about broke goblins traveling to dangerous and fantastical places to find treasure and make rent. The character creation process is fast and collaborative, producing unique goblins with lots of personality. The core resolution system shares narrative pacing between players and the GM, keeping the focus on clear stakes and tough choices. It’s a character-driven dungeon crawler that works for short, punchy sessions and long campaigns where the town becomes a driving force for adventures and advancement.

The Gazette is a four issue zine we’re making by hand.

Buying our Games

You can keep an eye on our digital storefront here: itch.io

Retailer Inquiries

Retailers looking to carry Goblinville contact us at: NarrativeDynamicsPress@gmail.com